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Maverick creates your interior aspirations, offering an elevated and inspiring home design experience. Our designs are born from creativity, supported by the finest materials and master craftsmanship. Our bespoke furniture expertise is matched only by our dedication to personalised design, ensuring that your space is as unique as you are. Our designers and artisans can create every detail of your unique vision. No single style defines us—only the boundless creativity we shape alongside you.

experts in Furniture design & manufacture


Bespoke woodwork showcases the artistry of crafting unique and tailor-made creations using only the finest quality wood materials and precision techniques.


Bespoke metalwork reflects the mastery of shaping and crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, where our skilled artisans meticulously transform metal into personalised works of art and functional marvels.


We craft exquisite pieces through the art of upholstery, marrying sumptuous fabrics and premium leather to create comfort and elegance, turning homes into refined sanctuaries.

High end finishes

Working with only the finest materials from veneers, marble, resin, brass, murano glass, timber, high gloss, liquid metal and many more.


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