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A Bespoke Experience

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A Bespoke Experience

The Maverick Process

A Bespoke Experience


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Bespoke Whole Home Furniture

Our approach

Maverick London specialises in luxury bespoke furniture and custom interior design, creating handcrafted pieces and sophisticated spaces that cater to upscale tastes. Our service is comprehensive, ensuring quality and exclusivity in every tailored design journey we provide to our discerning clientele.

The maverick process

At Maverick London, we intertwine luxury with the personal touch. We excel in crafting bespoke furniture and curating interior designs that reflect the unique desires of our clientele. Our approach is a testament to our dedication to exceptional customer service—we listen, we understand, and we deliver.

Designs we're working on

The Maverick gallery

Miro Dining Chair

Framed by polished metal trims, the upholstered Miro Dining Chair perfectly combines comfort with contemporary design.

Daintree Dining Chair

The elegant Daintree Dining Chair may look understated at first glance, but look closer and you’ll find some very decadent design features.

Daintree Bedside Table

Style never sleeps with the Daintree Bedside Table. Day or night, the Daintree offers effortless glamour wherever it is placed.

Why Maverick?

At Maverick London, every piece of furniture and design element is bespoke, crafted to meet the exact specifications of our clients. This level of customization ensures that no two pieces are alike, offering an exclusive luxury that is as individual as our clientele.

Our commitment to traditional craftsmanship, combined with cutting-edge design, results in creations that are both timeless and contemporary. The skilled hands of our artisans bring durability, beauty, and functionality to life in every unique piece.

We offer our clients a complete turnkey house solution from conception through to completion focused on specialist craftsmanship and championing British design.

The Heartbeat

Tony, Alex, Olivia, Charlotte have embraced the family's tradition and work closely with clients, turning their dreams into luxurious homes. It's not just a job; it's a labour of love for the entire family.

SWD Bespoke began 20 years ago with the design and development of a flawless range of uniquely finished doors complemented by handles and fittings meticulously crafted by British-based ironmongers.

Maverick is a bold step into redefining luxury through bespoke furniture and design. Maverick adds an innovative twist to the family's long-standing commitment to craftsmanship.

Luxury knows no bounds with Maverick London.

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