5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bespoke Furniture Piece

Are you looking to design a dream bespoke furniture piece to put in your home? The ideal furniture pieces have original aesthetic designs and accommodate your size, functionality, materials, and comfort preferences.

Maverick London is here to help you design the perfect bespoke furniture piece for any room in your home. But first, you need to think about the ideal furniture piece you want.


Here are the top five tips and considerations to help you design your dream bespoke furniture piece.


1) Consider the Functionality and Purpose

Why do you want the furniture piece in your home in the first place? What kind of purpose is it going to serve? Who is going to use the furniture and why?

See if you can answer these questions because the answers will go a long way in deciding on the best bespoke furniture designs for your home.


2) Consider the Amount of Available Space

Do you have a lot of available space in your home? When you are requesting a bespoke furniture piece to be designed for your home, you have to consider the size and dimensions of the space where you would like to place the furniture.

After all, you don’t want to end up with an oversized furniture piece that crowds up your living room or dining room and prevents people from walking comfortably. So, you’ll need to consider the room size to ensure you have the right-sized furniture created. 


3) Consider the Durability and Appearance

Of course, appearance is a significant factor in designing your ideal bespoke furniture piece. You must consider the furniture materials carefully because they offer unique colours, textures, patterns, and styles.

For example, a hardwood furniture piece offers a natural and universally accepted timber-based texture that looks good in any home. It is also a very durable material, so you can expect it to last a long time with basic maintenance and upkeep.

However, if you choose a unique colour and texture for your furniture, you should consider the interior design of your room. For example, will the furniture aesthetics complement the colours and textures on the walls and flooring?

So, consider the aesthetics of the other things in your room to help pick the best materials, colours, and textures for your new bespoke furniture piece.


4) Consider the Efficiency and Ergonomics

Aesthetics are essential for a bespoke furniture piece, but so are ergonomics. After all, you may use your furniture piece for many hours daily to do critical tasks like home office work. Unfortunately, generic furniture like office chairs doesn’t usually have the proper ergonomics to keep you comfortable.

In this case, you’ll want a bespoke furniture piece that helps you stay comfortable during long periods of sitting without hurting your posture. Our professional craftspeople can create the perfect furniture piece if you plan to use it for long periods each day.


5) Consult a Professional Bespoke Furniture Maker

No one expects you to be a professional in crafting bespoke home furniture pieces. Therefore, you should work with a professional bespoke furniture maker to create the best furniture piece possible for your home.

Would you like a consultation regarding your wishes for bespoke furniture? Call us at (+44) 01932 558000 or email us at info@mavericklondon.co.uk to connect with our experienced bespoke furniture craftspeople today.

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