2023 Interior Design Trends

Looking into the new year ahead and reflecting on some of last years interior trends, there will definitely be some trends we are quitting and we are excited to see what stays but also what unfolds this year.

Last year, we saw a very high interest in natural materials such as marble or granite, whether it is used for counter/table tops or flooring, it certainly is a striking and luxury finish for inside your home. Marble is a trend that is expected to stay as it has been a recurring trend for many years. Marble is often used for areas which are heavily used for example kitchens. Natural materials have such a beauty when carved, this could be for a luxury coffee table or an extravagant wall display. Natural stones will continue to be used in homes to add that luxurious touch and will continue to be seen as worktops, backsplashes, bathroom walls and floors, and furniture. 

High gloss wood finishes are becoming more popular gradually. Opposed to having matt and a naturally finished wood, finishing it in high gloss gives a more perfected and luxury finish. This polished finish gives the home a smooth and refined finish, reflecting this feel throughout the home. 

Metal finishes and golds are coming back into interiors, whether they are used for cabinetry, lighting, decor or furniture, the brassy and gold finishes are trendy currently. Antique and brushed brass are a deluxe and sumptuous metal which is mostly used for lighting and furniture parts, for example, the legs of a dining chair or bar stool. It is also becoming apparent to have marble which has gold tones laced within the veins of the marble.

Warmer and earthier interiors is a style which can use more natural elements like woods, or muted tones seen in the main design elements of a room or home. Natural elements like woods or plants will elevate the space and complete a balance with warm and cool tones in the space. 

Oversized chandeliers and pendants can produce the most attractive results when scaled and proportioned right. Lighting is a feature and can always add an edge to a room, especially when the size of the light is extravagant. They grab peoples attention and set a specific mood in a room depending on the coloured light it gives out and the natural light around.

Lastly, arches have been included in many homes, both modern and traditional style homes. Arches can be interpreted in many ways and can be used for windows, doors, tiles, ceilings or walkways. Arches create a sense of lavishness and grandness but still look sophisticated and elegant within a home.

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